A short Update on a few things Podcasts

Just a few quick thoughts and notes, all podcast-related

ungeheuerlich eschoofierend

So, unfortunately, shortly after my last post on the topic, my podcast ungeheuerlich eschoofierend ended. This happens, apparently. While I am sad to let this project go, I am also proud. We started out recording with an iPhone, then got a digital recorder, and finally two Shure SM58s for it. Then I learned how to use Logic Pro X, at least a little, and I think we had a very nice sounding podcast. And we got better with identifying and talking about topics, I think.
In the last episode, we even did an interview with Johanna, a feminist outside our immediate peer group, and had an exchange that really came out very nice (you really should check out this episode: ungeheuerlich eschoofierend 028: Sexismus – zu Gast: Johanna Polle).

Currently I’m thinking about ideas for a new podacst project. Something law-related one or the other way may come out of it, but I don’t know yet. If you have an idea, let me know!

Podcasting Community

Anyway, the first Podcaster Meetup in Hamburg happened, and I think that’s one of the ways the community can continue (or: start, for the cyncics out there) to develop this unique and awesome medium. If you are even only slightly interested in Podcasts and live in or around Hamburg, I urge you to keep an eye on the meetup group.

And for non-meatspace meetups, there is Sendegate, a forum-like place for discussions for the German podcast community. When I first came across Sendegate, it seemed only to be concerned with Podlove-related stuff, but it turns out that’s not true. Same here: If you’re interested at all, give it a try!

A Recommendation

After the accidental tech podcast had a discussion about women in tech, they did a host-switch with Rocket. Rocket is an awesome tech podcast hosted by Brainna Wu, Christina Warren and Simone De Rochefort. I had listened to the first episode of Rocket and wasn’t a fan. But by now they’ve really found their voice and I really, really like it. They’re funny, witty and on top of their game in their respective fields. Thumbs up!