"ungeheuerlich eschoofierend" update

I don’t really know why I stopped to post about the podcast my pal Timo and me are doing here – probably because of the different languages, now that I think about it. Meh, who cares?! Anyway, it’s time for a little update.

While ungeheuerlich eschoofierend is somehow getting zero traction, it is more and more fun for me: We’re getting better at identifying and talking about topics, and there is a trend more the 30-minutes episode, which is a comfortable length I feel like.

Inspired by less than or equal’s, we redid our website. It is much more welcoming now, I think. The website also sports the podlove subscribe button, an attempt to make subscribing to podcasts less cumbersome.

I am doing the editing for the show, and boy is that fun. Everythin audio was completely new to me, and I found – and still find it – interesting to dive in. It’s both the best and the worst: Every little detail is a potential rabbit hole, from the microphone (let me tell ya!) to the bitrate of the audio file you put out into the world. But it also is tremendous fun, and I honestly think ue is a pretty good sounding podcast by now. *humblebrag*

So, if you speak or understand German: the latest episode of ungeheuerlich eschoofierend is about user interfaces – in general, and especially in public toilets. It may be my most siracusa-like performance yet.