Wireless Everything

I’m kind of a technology believer, but sometimes even I don’t anticipate how awesome something is gonna be.

Wirelessness is one of those things. I long had the idea of getting Bluetooth headphones, but somehow didn’t get around to it. The early in-ear models with their neck bands always seemed like a flawed design to me, and the really big models are kind of pointless anyway. I liked on-ear models better, despite their bulkiness, because that allowed for them to have decent battery life and enough space for some controls.

But of course the AirPods are even better. First, or at least early in the weirdly named “true wireless” category, they really change the whole experience: You forget you’re wearing them because they’re so light. Me spending several seconds untangling my old headphones’ cables, every time I put them in seems outright barbaric now.

A few days ago, I tried out my old Shure-inears again. Their sound quality is superior, no question. But even the short travel between sofa and bed, handling and arrangig a few things seemed so ridiculous with a cable hanging from my ears. I mean, get a grip!

This really is the epitome of how we relate to new things or possibilities. Thinking about it some time ago, I would have been like: “No cable, big deal”. Only now I recognize all the friction that comes with a wired design. Nothing like that to make you realize that while technology is good and all, it’s the best when it gets out of the way.

Anyway, now I’m all wireless. People on the street look at me, and then keep looking a bit longer while realizing my headphones are wireless – or realizing they think I look weird with these stubs in my ears. I smile at them, letting them know that yes, my life is that awesome. And theirs can be, too.