My new Podcast: Die Sonne über Altona

I’m excited to finally share my new Podcast with you! Die Sonne über Altona is co-hosted by my friend Alina and me. We talk (in German) about everything that’s near and dear to our hearts: pop culture, politics & society, design, art and everything in between.

The first episode is about a very German topic as well: traffic lights signal transmitters (and of course: their design flaws). It’s pretty good.

We’re having so much fun doing this project, and would love for you to give us a chance in your weekly podcast rotation! Thanks.

Special thanks to Maggy, who came up with our beautiful logo!

Getting into podcasts is hard, as we all know, so I’d appreciate any help in spreading the word. These are all the places for sharing and liking and following: (our website is pretty!) – RSSApple PodcastsOvercastPocket CastsFacebookTwitter

And here’s the first episode: