I’m propably the last person on the planet to come to this conclusion and the 100th who tells you this, but: ‘Girls’ is a great TV show. Maybe the best I’ve seen in the easy-to-digest <30 minute section.

Watching it, my facial expression often times completely derailed out of astonishment or joy of what was happening. I think only ‘Game of Thrones’ also had that effect on me in recent years.

‘Girls’ has extreme characters, but doesn’t let them clash onto each other for big laughs. Instead they develop in a very real way, so that you get a good feeling for them. That doesn’t mean you don’t laugh watching ‘Girls’, you do! But there aren’t gags that the moment builds up to, the humor is more contained in situations as a whole. Sometimes it’s some character’s fabulous monologues in which they express how they see the world. Hilarious.

I also like the way how it’s shot. Beautiful pictures. HBO did good by letting Lena Dunham do her thing.