Ungeheuerlich eschoofierend #1

I’ve always wanted to, and now am, doing a podcast! Timo and me talk about… tech in general, and some other stuff - yeah, about Apple, too. It’s in German, but I have no idea what percentage of visitors on my blog is from abroad, so I announce it here anyway.

I’ll dedicate a blogpost to every new episode and its contents, but on the sidebar there’s a new link, ‘Podcast’. You’ll find all the episodes there, in one place.
If you’re already sold and wanna feed a feed to your podcasting app: Audio RSS feed.
If you prefer listening to podcasts via iTunes: This way. You can also leave us a rating or a review there, we’d love that.

In the first episode, we talk about iMessage, some iPhone history, accents and our nonexistent knowledge about newsgroups, usenet and the early days of the Internet in general. Enjoy!