ungeheuerlich eschoofierend

My pal Timo and me are doing a podcast again!

After a first attempt two years ago that lasted for an unbelievable amount of four episodes, we’re not getting ahead of ourselves this time. However, the name stays the same: ungeheuerlich eschoofierend, and we’re still talking in German, but we’re not rambling about whatever comes to our minds anymore (at least not all the time). Instead, there’s one big topic per episode. For now, we’re on a 2-week-schedule.

Find our very nice site here: ungeheuerlich.org – or just get the RSS Feed for the podcast app of your choice.

The first episode was about Craft Beer, the next one’s about Religion and will be published next Wednesday. You should consider liking ungeheuerlich eschoofierend on Facebook. Cheers!