"I really wish it had the buttons"

There’s great stuff in this interview with Craig Mod over on The Verge

There’s a point where the friction of not publishing on digital platforms is going to be outweighed by the economic incentive that is lost by doing that. It’s kind of a nice time now — it’s like, in the West, we’ve gone through a lot of painful gesticulation, especially around iPad magazines, and what a lot of the early magazines looked like and how they did it wrong. So the Japanese industry seems to moving into this space where the West has solved a lot of the question marks, or at least, answered a lot of these question marks.

Interestingly, he hits on how digital publishing isn’t as developed in Japan as one could think. Now the talk on mangas and fanslations at Trinity College I wrote about previously makes much more sense.

Be sure to check out this article/collection of links if you’re interested in digital publishing.