My first Day in Dublin

So, this is really happening I guess. I’ll be in Dublin for the next 9 months, and since this is erasmus, it’s kind of an adventure. It’s been very smooth so far, thanks to the Trinity Students Union and Airbnb. The Students Union actually sent a student to the airport who collected me, showed me around Trinity and basically brought me to my accomodation. All of that after I had sent an email just 24 hours before my flight. Airbnb was way (like: way way) better than or to find accommodation. The host is a really nice guy, think I’ll stay here the whole time. The Internet helps you make great things happen.

Yesterday, I walked around Dublin for a few hours, just getting to know the city a little since I’ve never been here before. It’s actually quite small, you can walk from north to south of the city in about 25 minutes. It’s really amazing: I stood in a shopping street, looked at the spire, turned left and looked in a very fucked up street. Like my host told me, Dublin isn’t different from area to area, but different from street to street. But have a look yourself.

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