Animation Duration

There’s one thing about OS X (and iOS) that annoys me. The animations just take too much time.

  • Safari’s ‘Show all Tabs’ gesture
    • pinch to zoom out - all the tabs, nice!
    • swipe - yeah, that’s the tab I want!
    • tap to click - nothing happens!

You have to wait half a second or so before a tap is recognized as a click, which makes that whole tab view unusable for me.

  • ‘Swipe between full-screen apps’ animation duration
    • swipe - oh, desktop incoming, nice!
    • wait - oh, yeah, still moving, so smooth!
    • slamming the mouse at the bottom of the screen to show the dock - oh, the desktop is still moving, so smooth and slowly.

The animation is faster when you swipe really hasty. But swiping so that it’s fast enough is just ridiculous.

Yeah, I use tap to click and hide the dock. Gestures should be usable at high speed anyway. I have the same problem on the iPad: Some of the animations just take so much time. I love the 5 finger pinch to home screen gesture, but I always have to wait for it to end before being able to launch the next app I wanna use.