XBMC Commander

For a long time, I’v been using ‘XBMC Remote’1 for… guess what? Remote controlling the XBMC isntallation on my main media home work ubuntu machine. It could’ve been better, though, but among all the crap out there in the App Store, it was the best.2

… or so I thought. Then, a littlie birdie (thanks, Mats) told me to check out ‘XBMC Commander’. I did so (iPhone version), and was impressed. Once you wrap your head around the gesture control thingy, it works great. There is nothing you can’t get XBMC to do while you sit on your sofa in front of your giant TV. With a lot of style, that is. It even offers the IMDb link for a movie that you’re looking at that acutally switches you over to the IMDb App.

There also is an iPad version of the app, you have to decide for yourself whether that’s good or not. For me, the attention should be on the big screen, cause that’s what XBMC’s all about. Yeah, that’s right, I just assumed that you have an iPad and an iPhone at your disposal.

Hint: The ‘Small Thumbnails’ layout gets rid of the awful bookshelf and chalkboard layout that actually might have kept you from buying the app. But now I told you, so go get it.

Disclaimer: The App is the best one I’ve ever used for the purpose it serves. Still, it could be better. The layout should be switched for the whole app, not for every single media type, for example. Or the position of the ‘Options’ menu button.
But it’s at good as it gets as far as XBMC Remote Apps go, and in this case, that’s really quite good.

  1. I’m not linking it, because it’s the devil.

  2. To be honest: Since iOS5, it was kinda buggy. I kept telling myself ‘It’s okay!’, but it was a lie.