Scott Pilgrim

##Comics Loved the graphic novels (You may also call them ‘comics’, don’t wanna get religious about that). I heard of the movie, heard of the books, got them all, didn’t touch them for half a year.
Then, I started to read the comics. When I was at the second one, I ‘liked’ them, but wasn’t sure why everybody was so excited about them. The next thing I remember is finishing the last (6th) one.
In case you didn’t hear of Scott Pilgrim before: I’m afraid I have to tell you that it’s - despite all the gaming references - a love story. Read it anyway. Get a preview here.

I laughed, loudly.

##Movie Yeah, well, first of all: I did like the movie. It’s a good movie, that’s set. It does a good job of implementing the comic’s own style - which is not just ‘comic-y’ so that makes sense and all.
But secondly, I have to say, and am sorry for that: Anna Kendrick (as Scott’s younger sister) does a terrible job, her acting’s bad. She just monotonously mumbles her character’s text, which in the first few minutes of the film is 1:1 the text from the book, what makes it even worse. I sometimes had the same feeling with Michael Cera and other characters. Maybe it’s just me, maybe watching the film two days after having read out the books does do that to you.
(Spoiler ahead, only read on if you’ve watched the film already or wanna spoil it real bad)
Then, there’s the ending. The film was made before the 6th book came out. The film guys exchanged ideas with O´Malley, but nothing more. So, originally, the endings differed from each other. After the 6th book came out and test screenings were conducted, people hated the film’s ending. So they changed it to fit the book’s. You can imagine how now the last fifteen minutes of the film appear a bit… schizophrenic. But I have the feeling the film’s original ending wouldn’t have been that good, either.
I feel sorry for that, because it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, even when you know all about it, and the choices considering a movie based on a comic/book are always hard to make. As I said, it’s still a good movie.