Quotes #4

I found some memorable quotes in my notes. Here are the ones from the HBO Miniseries Generation Kill. It’s about Marines in Iraq, based on the book of the same name by embedded reporter Evan Wright.

Generation Kill Pt. VII, 40:30

That was cool. Who do we invade now?


This isn’t over, Ray. We don’t even know what we’ve started. We may be here all summer long.

Generation Kill Pt. VII, 59:08

This place was fucked before we got here and it’s fucked now. I personally don’t believe we liberated the Iraquis. Only time will tell.


I just wish I could go back to that roadblock in Al Hayy. See if those guys I shot in that truck were enemy or just confused.


Could have been a tuckload of babies, with our Rules of Engagement you did the right thing.


The priest told me it’s not a sin to kill if you don’t enjoy killing. My question is whether indifference is the same as enjoyment.


All religious stuff aside, the fact is people who can’t kill will always be subject to those who can.