Grinds my Gears

Instead of writing a long, long article in which I’d just get upset, here’s what really grinds my gears considering the tech/digital side of studying at the University of Hamburg. It’s all stuff people afraid of or uncomfortable with technology just do, but I find it hard to bear from time to time.

  • The presentations and lecture notes are made available online, yeehaw, but in a pretty subotpimal - and by suboptimal, I mean shitty :) - way. You have to navigate to the single dates of a lecture. But not all the time, sometimes the data sits on the lecture’s ‘home page’. Inconsistency ftw!
  • Therefore, after every lecture/every day, we practically have to log in to the crappy university software and search for the new lecture notes. Instead of getting a frakkin’ email. I’m not arguing that that’s hard, I’m not that lazy. But it’s so unsophisticated once you realize how easy everything could be in times of email, dropbox and all that stuff.
  • Instead, we get emails that inform us about every uninteresting event that’s happening, but:
  • No email when an important deadline’s up.
  • We get files named like this: Ppt0000009.pdf
  • And that are the bad ones, I admit. But the good ones are like this: Lecture_1.pptx. Don’t mind telling us of which lecture!
  • We get 160-pages-documents as .doc instead of .pdf.
  • Today, we got a five-step manual as .pptx file.
  • We get mail addresses that follow the scheme That’s fine if you’re going for the worst email address possible. The university owns the domain That’s not great either, but at least it’s not that long. If I was a famous professor and member of the University of Hamburg, I’d be ashamed instead of proud to give away an email address of the mentioned scheme.
    It basically says: “My university sucks at everything that has to do with IT.” And that is just sad for a place that should be innovative, striving after progress and all that stuff. Where do we get when in 2011 at a university in the country of engineers, the most simple tools technology gives us are used with the expertise of a three-year-old?