3G S

In August 2009, when I got my iPhone 3GS, it was something special. Here in Germany, the iPhone was T-Mobile-exclusive back then. Way too expensive for me on a monthly basis. The Italian ones, due to legal restrictions, shipped without SIM-Lock, like all the current ones. So, I ordered mine on eBay. From an Italian guy. I really got it, what surprised me.

Just when I got it, I dropped it. And continued to. In a case at first, but since about half a year, I went caseless. The iPhone has some scratches now, but isn’t further damaged. I had to have the battery exchanged once, a few months ago. The iPhone would just go off or restart randomly, really weird. But I’m blaming the weird power grid in my flat for it, it already wrecked some PSUs. Now, I’m all voltage protected and the iPhone works fine again.

So, why am I dedicating a whole blogpost to my 2-year-old iPhone? Because I’ve been using it every waking minute of every single day and think it’s a damn fine piece of hardware. Twitter, Mail, blogging, taking photos, music/podcasts, googling something, calendar, calling people (sporadically), notes, alarm, texting (despisingly), stalking and texting people on Facebook, gaming (sporadically), get directions, just everything. Only challenged by pen and paper and the iPad. You’re probably looking for that Stockholm Syndrome article, but that’s ok for me.

I just love to argue with people who don’t understand how a smartphone is better than a ‘regular phone’1. Better: How it’s a whole different thing. And how some of them even have a 600€ phone and still argue that a 1,60€ App is too expensive.2

  1. Why not call them ‘the Nokia ones’, hugh? I’m always embarrassed when I catch myself saying ‘dumbphone’.
  2. With this one, actually, I’m just speechless. Don’t even know where to begin. Apps extend your phone’s purpose exponentially. Every Android user would be glad to find an App that actually costs money and doesn’t advertise the user to death. Maybe the 1,60€ will even pay for a warm supper for the starving Android developer.