What I like about Google+ is how obvious its creators found better solutions for Facebook’s major flaws. Posts visible to single ‘Circles’, ‘Extended Circles’ and the ‘Public’ are one point, the other is that there are no ‘Friends’ outside your Friends’ circle. You don’t have to be someone’s ‘Friend’ to read his posts, as long as he shares his posts with the public or ‘Extended Circles’. Here comes another feature: What the heck are ‘extended circles’? you’re asking? Just hover over it, Google+ explains it to you. (Everyone in your circles, plus all the people in their circles.)

That’s very basic, but it shows that Google+ wants you in control and wants to make you aware of what you’re sharing with whom.
This is certainly a very different approach than Facebook’s, where privacy settings are changed while you’re looking at them. You get the feeling, and I believe that Facebook wants to trick you into making everything as public as their current ‘features’ allow it to be.

The fresh design that came with Google+ is very welcome, too. Unlike Diaspora, Google+ isn’t DOA and Germany’s Twitter users are already all over it. The average Facebook user may not be that interested in Google+ at this point, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m really looking forward to Google+’s growth and adaption by some of my friends who are not that much into tech.

Oh, and you should check out Marco’s take on it. If you speak German, you can also read Marcel’s post. He always tries to hide good thoughts behind the vocabulary of a 6-year-old, don’t be surprised.
Also in German, Martin of is more sceptical about it, with good reasons. Johnny of has listed some nice features I didn’t know about. Apparently, Google+ offers Markdown-like Text editing using *, _ and -