Six - Font Magic

I had no idea! I was sabotaging my minimalistic approach towards this blog entirely by using the Ubuntu font all wrong.
I implemented it via @font-face and had nothing but problems with getting f#ing Firefox to display it correctly. Yesterday, I spent several hours and finally got it fixed. The joy didn’t las long: Since December of 2010, the Ubuntu font is available via the Google Font API, and I just discovered today that’s a good thing. What did I do all the time instead of using it? Let my visitors load some nice 1,5mb of font data. Yay.
Loading a font equals loading a font you might think: Google has to load it too, stupid! - Wrong. Well, yes but: I don’t know whether github (where I’m hosted) slowed it all down, being free and and offering correspondent performance, but sure is: Now, with the Google Font API, this site loads amazingly fast.

Literally, one new line of code and 3 or 4 adjustments in my stylesheet was all it took. The latter solely due to my poor CSS skills and huge amount of technological debt I created. In case this is news to you - Everything necessary is to find here: