Two more Apps in my 'workflow'

When I wrote about my iOS-centric workflow, or: funflow, I forgot to mention two apps.

First, the important one: 1Password Pro. I keep all my passwords and account logins in it. It’s one of the apps I launch most often, because it’s all in one place. Once I got away from the foolish ‘same password for every account’ policy, I learned that one safe place to keep all the individually generated passwords is the only way to go. Of course, if my master password gets cracked my other passwords are worth nothing, that’s the downside. Still, I think it’s the only reasonable way to handle today’s requirements of amounts of logins and passwords.
The Pro version is optimized both for iPhone and iPad, and looks and works marvelous, especially on the iPad. If you’re lucky and use a Mac, it syncs to it. There also is a windows client that’s supposed to sync via Dropbox, but I never figured out how. And by that, I mean it just doesn’t work (yet). But you can back up your data manually in a single file. Attention: These files aren’t necessarily interchangeable between iPad and iPhone because of different passcode-systems. Still a great app. There also is a non-pro version, but don’t ask me what it can or can’t do.

If you own an iDevice and are younger than 35 years, you probably already know the second app: Flipboard. It sucks in your Twitter, Faceboom and Instagram data and presents it in a beautiful way. So beautiful, I can’t stand seeing the crappy status updates of my Facebook friends in it. But I love flipboarding the tweets I favorited once in a while.
Flipoard also signed deals with the Guardian, Wired and TechCrunch, probably to avoid getting sued over some copyright matter. But for your benefit: The Wired stories for example, are beautifully animated and integrated. For me, that’s much more of a deal than the heavily advertised Wired Magazine App.

That’s it, for now.