Quotes #1

Well, I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time. I’ve been collecting quotes that made me laugh or want to clap my hands and shout ‘Right!’ when they were said. Today, I stumbled over SiracusaSaidSo.com, a neat website that collects some lines by John Siracusa. It reminded me of my plan. What follows are memorable quotes, mostly from different 5by5 Podcasts, the network which’s shows I currently mention in every post. I try to make the quotes as exact as possible but have to alter them a little in order to keep up the readability. Here we go.

  1. The Magic of the Internet - Hypercritical #1, 29:00
    John Siracusa talks about TV, cable companies, TiVo, Netflix etc.

So I’m paying all this money to all these different people and still end up downloading content because it’s a better experience. It’s HD, my cable company doesn’t offer BBC America in HD, and I dont have to wait for it to appear on Netflix streaming. But through the magic of the internet an HD version of the thing appears after the day it airs.

  1. Coffee - Build & Analyze #9, 14:00

Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin talk about coffee, especially the chemex coffee brewer.

Marco: It’s the kind of hour-glass shaped coffee brewer with the big wooden handle in the midde. You’ve seen of those, right?
Dan: No.
Marco: What? Come on. Have you ever been anywhere cool ever? Oh yeah, that’s why you live in Florida.

  1. Geekism - Build & Analyze #11, 05:30

I’m a true geek. I like it when people are passionate and particular about things they really enjoy. So listening to other geeks talk about things in a geeky manner is still interesting to me, even if the topics are not.

This reminds me of a sentence in the article [Success, and farming vs mining](http://blog.wilshipley.com/2011/04/success-and-farming-vs-mining.html). > The doctors and DNA-researchers and dancers and chocolate-makers and oceanographers and cosmologists and investors all have one thing in common: they are total nerds. They work on the thing they love literally all the time. You can't talk to them without talking about their passion.

Here is an article in German I liked, too. It ruminates on a very related topic: Why someone without any enthusiasm is hard and unpleasant to talk to. UARRR.org - [Begeisterungsfähigkeit](http://uarrr.org/2010/08/27/begeisterungsfaehigkeit/)
  1. Being a designer - The Pipeline #43, 38:30
    Mike Monteiro:

And you can see on Twitter that there’s a ton of bitching about: ‘No one respects me as a designer. But I’m also not willing to put in the effort to get respected. I want to sit here at my desk in front of my iMac screen and my very expensive headphones on, listening to house music, cranking out beautifully layered Photoshop files that have nothing to do with my client’s business goals.’

  1. Ferrari - Enough #18, 06:00
    Patrick Rhone:

I didnt’t buy a Ferrari to drive it on a 25 mph sideroad. I bought a Ferrari ‘cause I want to drive it on the frikkin’ Autobahn.